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Has your cat been peeing on your carpet? There may be a few reasons why. Discovering why your cat is peeing on your carpet is the first step to helping your pet and saving your carpet.

Cats pee in the house when their litter box is unclean.

Cats can be picky when it comes to their litter box. If their litter box is too crowded with stool or urine, they will refuse to use it. Keeping their litter box clean will encourage your cat to use that space.

Most cats feel more comfortable using a litter box that is open. Consider using a roofless litter box if you currently have a covered litter box.

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Your cat may be urinating on the carpet if there have been significant changes.

Moving to a new house, bringing home a new baby, or having a divorce can all affect your cat. The unexpected change may cause your cat to feel stressed and pee on the carpet. Consult your veterinarian on ways to help your cat feel calmer in your home.

Remodeling your house is an exciting change for you, but the unfamiliarity may cause your cat to feel scared. Workers and unknown people going in and out of your house can trigger a stress response. Making sure that the mess is thoroughly cleaned up will prevent your cat from smelling the old spot and urinating there again.

How to save your carpet from urine messes and stop your cat from peeing on carpet.

If your cat has been peeing on your carpet, chances are your house is littered with urine stains that are  horrible looking and bad smelling. We are experts in removing cat and dog urine stains with our Pet Urine Removal Treatment process. Our solution destroys urine crystals so the smells are gone for good.

Using this information you will be able to stop your cat from peeing on carpet and save your carpet from any past damage.