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Carpets have changed over the years with trends ranging from neon colors to flower prints. Today we discuss the decade highlights of carpet trends through the years. Do you remember some of these carpet trends in Corona CA?

I love Lucy stars in black and white

50’s Carpet Trends

Flooring was not hip in the 50's. Lucile and Desi Arnaz from popular show I Love Lucy, were used in advertising to push buyers to purchase carpet. They were featured choosing their 'dream carpet' in 1955 ads. Despite the hopes of major carpet companies, even with the influence of the famous Arnaz couple, carpet didn't catch on quite yet.

60’s Carpet Trends

The carpet industry changed a lot during the 1960's. Wall-to-wall carpet officially made its debut. People even began to put carpet in their bathrooms and kitchens (picture the skin cells and bacteria trapped in those carpet, ew!). Exciting patterns and colors began to emerge.  

wall to wall orange and yellow plaid 70's carpet in Corona CA

70’s Carpet Trends

What a time for crazy carpeting! Neon green, hot pink, rust orange- shocking colors were put into homes across the country. Virtually all rooms, and even some walls, were covered in carpet. The shag carpet had its moment of fame as it debuted in colors like avocado green and baby pink. It moved from 100% polyester to 100% nylon, improving the look and durability.

red carpeted bathroom in Corona CA

80’s Carpet Trends

The unfortunate trend of wall-to-wall carpeted bathrooms continued in the 1980's. All we have to say about that is...yikes.

90’s Carpet Trends

Finally, homeowners start officially moving away from gaudy patterns and moving toward more conservative decorating styles. Shag was ripped up and textured carpet was put where it once was.

Today, Ivy Green Chem-Dry Carpet Trends

Trends will continue to change, just as we have moved away from avocado green shag, we will move away from what we consider trendy today. One thing involving carpets won't change however, the honest and healthy values of Ivy Green Chem-Dry. Whatever way you like to decorate with carpet, we are prepared to clean it, because after all, clean carpet is always trendy!

We hope to continue making Corona California a healthier place with our carpet cleaning services, and for the sake of healthiness alone, we hope fully carpeted bathrooms don't come back in style anytime soon! 

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