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family on carpet playing in corona caSpring cleaning is a great chance to get rid of those old things you held on to for “someday when you need them”. It’s also a good reminder to pay attention to the things you might have forgotten to clean. When Spring cleaning rolls around, there is a lot to remember and a lot to do! We understand the peace of mind a clean home can bring so we wanted to offer our support. Spring cleaning is easier with Chem-Dry and here’s why:

Ivy Green Chem-Dry offers cleaning services that can be used in every room of your house.

Carpet Cleaning:

Our carpet cleaning methods use the power of carbonation and 80% less water than steam cleaners use. We send millions of tiny effervescent bubbles into your carpet to loosen dirt from carpet fibers so it can easily be removed. Because we use carbonation instead of buckets of water, carpets cleaned with us dry faster. Instead of waiting 1-2 days, you can have dry carpet in 1-2 hours. A faster dry time means you can get back to your regular life sooner.

upholstery cleaning in Corona caUpholstery Cleaning:

We clean sofas, chairs, patio furniture, car seats, and any upholstery you need cleaned! Ivy Green Chem-Dry saves you money because we don’t leave behind a dirt attracting residue so your furniture doesn’t resoil as quickly.  

Stone Tile and Grout Cleaning:

Think about all the raw meat, juice, and crumbs that have been dropped onto your kitchen floor over time. Sealing your grout can keep out liquids, dirt, and bacteria.

If you are in the midst of potty training your little one, you know the bathroom tile has seen more than its fair share of accidents. Give your tile and grout the cleaning it is ready for with Chem-Dry.

Leather Cleaning:

When’s the last time your leather recliner or sofa got a cleaning? Has it ever had one? We fix scuffs, scratches, cuts and fading.

granite countertop renewal and restoration in Corona CAGranite Countertop Renewal and Restoration:

Chances are your granite countertops don’t look the same as when they were first installed, neither did ours! That’s why we started granite countertop renewal and restoration to remove residue, seal, and polish granite.

We offer these cleaning services and more to make Spring cleaning as easy as possible. Book Today!